Sunday, September 8, 2013

Character Design Silhouettes

School is back! I'm excited to be in class again, even if it means being swamped with work. This fall I have Concept Sketchbook Ideation, Characer Design 1 and Modeling 4 Game, with two other liberals.

I'm pretty stoked for these three classes, and right off the bat we were told to make a pirate captain of a particular cultural influence in Character Design class, so I decided to make an Arabic Pirate Captain!

Here's some of my main references for these.

I am also thinking of making this blog a place to post personal art/sketches once in a while as well, not strictly for school/portfolio work, so expect some personal stuff  at one point!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Digital Painting Shenanigans

Out of my 7 classes Digital Painting has to be one of my most favorite classes, because I've been digital painting for like 5 years as a hobby and bringing that love for digital painting into class is the best thing ever! So finally getting to seriously learn about something I really enjoy motivates me a lot.

The class is full of exercises mostly. We have a Sunday livestream session for lecturing and class critiques. (Unfortunately in the morning but we learn things like the importance of Silohuettes, Values, Discussion of how to achieve a good Aesthetically pleasing image and lots of composition talk.) 
Here are some of my favorites from the class so far! (There are way too many images to put them all up at once)

All Mouse-related things are from a team-based project for Digital Painting in which we have to make concepts for "a game". My group's idea is a Ghost Train set in the 1920s/ 1960s!

ReVamp of a novel of choice, with interesting composition. 

 I have a bajillion color studies but these are my favorites. Our key here is to get as close to the composition and color as much as we can; the quality doesn't matter!

 We're just about to hit the finals mark, which means lots of exercises each week, so soon I'll have to post up the things we'll be up to. Here comes the flooding of art, oh gosh.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Digital Analytical Figure Mid-Term

As a novice to human anatomy when I first stepped into the classroom, it certainly was a struggle to learn more about Human anatomy. I think I did alright though!! It's a cool class and I've learned a lot since the beginning of spring semester and we've just hit midway. Just 6 more weeks full of human studies, ahh! Lots of master copies and references, it's been a good term so far. Here's stuff I'm proud of!

WEEK 1: (master copies: top, referenced: bottom)

Week 2
(30 10 minute poses, here are my favorites)

(This head is a master copy from Dean Cornwell!)

(Master copies from Nathan Fowkes and Nikolai Blohkin, two amazing artists!!)
This referenced one definitely has to be one of my faves of all time ^^^^

(More Nikolai Blohkin master copy, and the right is an artist whose name escapes me)

Week 6
(back master copy from Steve Huston there, and referenced pic on the right)

(Another Nikolai Blohkin master copy, he's too cool, okay!)

The last ones I'm not completely satisfied with, I have a ways to go with them, but I need to work on my figure perspective and making forms more clearer, as told by my professor. It's a good thing I'm not satisfied with where I'm at, because that's only going to motivate me to try harder! Bring it on, half another semester!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

An Update with some things I've been up to

Apologies for disappearing! I know I'm terrible when it comes to handling blogs, but here are some things I've been working on, including the final CleanShark model!

This was actually done back in December but I haven't gotten around to making an official sheet for it until now. It's definitely going to be put in my portfolio for some USC game teams!

And here's my Fundamentals of Game Art Midterm, a product of 5 weeks, a creature from concept to model. We're on rigging for these models, which is actually part of my homework to do this Spring Break, so I'll be able to learn to animate this dude soon, how exciting!
I'm sure you've recognized this fellow from my earlier posts, he's the monster I did an orthographic sheet of back in Perspective for Game class!