Saturday, March 23, 2013

Digital Analytical Figure Mid-Term

As a novice to human anatomy when I first stepped into the classroom, it certainly was a struggle to learn more about Human anatomy. I think I did alright though!! It's a cool class and I've learned a lot since the beginning of spring semester and we've just hit midway. Just 6 more weeks full of human studies, ahh! Lots of master copies and references, it's been a good term so far. Here's stuff I'm proud of!

WEEK 1: (master copies: top, referenced: bottom)

Week 2
(30 10 minute poses, here are my favorites)

(This head is a master copy from Dean Cornwell!)

(Master copies from Nathan Fowkes and Nikolai Blohkin, two amazing artists!!)
This referenced one definitely has to be one of my faves of all time ^^^^

(More Nikolai Blohkin master copy, and the right is an artist whose name escapes me)

Week 6
(back master copy from Steve Huston there, and referenced pic on the right)

(Another Nikolai Blohkin master copy, he's too cool, okay!)

The last ones I'm not completely satisfied with, I have a ways to go with them, but I need to work on my figure perspective and making forms more clearer, as told by my professor. It's a good thing I'm not satisfied with where I'm at, because that's only going to motivate me to try harder! Bring it on, half another semester!

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