Sunday, April 14, 2013

Digital Painting Shenanigans

Out of my 7 classes Digital Painting has to be one of my most favorite classes, because I've been digital painting for like 5 years as a hobby and bringing that love for digital painting into class is the best thing ever! So finally getting to seriously learn about something I really enjoy motivates me a lot.

The class is full of exercises mostly. We have a Sunday livestream session for lecturing and class critiques. (Unfortunately in the morning but we learn things like the importance of Silohuettes, Values, Discussion of how to achieve a good Aesthetically pleasing image and lots of composition talk.) 
Here are some of my favorites from the class so far! (There are way too many images to put them all up at once)

All Mouse-related things are from a team-based project for Digital Painting in which we have to make concepts for "a game". My group's idea is a Ghost Train set in the 1920s/ 1960s!

ReVamp of a novel of choice, with interesting composition. 

 I have a bajillion color studies but these are my favorites. Our key here is to get as close to the composition and color as much as we can; the quality doesn't matter!

 We're just about to hit the finals mark, which means lots of exercises each week, so soon I'll have to post up the things we'll be up to. Here comes the flooding of art, oh gosh.